NYPD gets Ready for Third Night of Protests in NYC Times Square to Protest the Eric Garner Death


Protesters marched this week from Manhattan to Brooklyn where they staged a “die-in” near the Barclays Center a day after a grand jury decided not to indict a police officer who used an apparent chokehold while arresting Staten Island resident Eric Garner who later died.

New York City – Times Square – By Staff Writer Mike Leventhal – NYPD and protesters outraged over the Eric Garner case have planned another night of protests in Times Square as officers detained those who continued staging sit-ins or “die-ins” on the roadways.
All was quiet during the day today in the heart of Manhattan as NYC police officers watched closely during a busy day – a combination of tourists and shoppers converging in the center of the city.

This week saw brief but tumultuous episodes amid otherwise peaceful marches for change in the justice system — an outpouring of emotion expressed all day in major cities across the country.

While the NYPD has stated they expect the protests to slowly peter out, they were taking no chances dispatching officers from the outer boroughs to Manhattan to maintain peace.