Thirty one protestors are arrested by the NYPD


Thursday, April 14, 2016 – MIdtown Manhatan – By APB Staff Writer

Nearly a thousand protesters opposed to Donald J. Trump massed outside Grand Hyatt Hotel Thursday night where the New York State Republicans were holding their annual $1000 dollar a head dinner.

Trump’s policy positions including building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and deporting 11 million illegal immigrants has drawn many protests across the nation.

At one point the demonstrators temporarily blocked 42nd street and Lexington Ave before being moved out by the New York CIty Police. Several other protesters appeared inside Grand Central Station with signs accusing Trump of racism, while outside demonstrators hoisted banners showing Hitler and Donald Trump side by side.

Nearly a dozen other protesters managed to sneak past security and into the Hyatt Hotel where they draped a banner against “the party of hate” over the lobby. Secret Service agents surrounded them and moved them out before Trump arrived.

The Finance Chairman of the New State Republican Party was later quoted as saying at least ten people were arrested inside.

Police say another 19 women and 12 men were arrested outside the hotel. Most of them were issued a desk appearance tickets and released.