NYC Tour Bus Crashes into Tree in the Upper East Side, 13 People Injured

By APB News Staff Writer


July 2016: New York, NY

On a sweltering summer day, a New York City bus tour ended abruptly after the driver off-roaded the double-decker bus into a tree on 62nd St and 5th Ave at 1:15 p.m.

The front of the bus molded to the shape of the tree, as the lower windshield was completely shattered. The windshield on the uncovered upper level of the bus was still intact. Thirteen were injured and were rushed to both New York Presbyterian Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital. Of the thirteen, two elderly tourists suffered head injuries, but all are expected to survive.

The GO New York Tours bus driver says he tried to avoid crashing into a taxi cab that supposedly cut him off in the bus lane, causing the huge bus to swerve onto the sidewalk and into a tree.

Hours after the collision, bypassers stopped to assess the situation. Many said that after seeing the damages, they would be hesitant to ride a tour bus in the future. There is still an ongoing investigation by the NYPD to discover what actually caused the bus to hit the tree just feet away from Central Park.

At about 6 p.m., Fifth Avenue was reopened for vehicular traffic.