By APB Staff Writer

Thursday, May 4, 2017, New York City: The last time Donald Trump set foot in New York City, he was a private citizen. How times have changed!

Now as Commander and Chief, the presence of President Trump requires increased security. Approximately one thousand New York Police Department officers are assigned to protect the city and Trump, who is scheduled to visit the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, among other activities.

With protesters expected, the NYPD is setting up  pens in the vicinity of the Intrepid, at Pier 86 at West 46th Street, and surrounding Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

Riot and disorder-control officers are in position in event that any of the protests become violent. Buses and vans to transport arrestees designated off-site detention sites are readily available .

Pending the number of protesters and the tone of their activities, police officials will make the decision whether or not to allow demonstrators to take to the streets.

Terence Monahan – NYPD chief of patrol,and chief of Manhattan South and William Morris are in charge of operations which include controlling traffic, monitoring protesters, and bicycle patrols. Sand-filled trucks are positioned perpendicular to cross streets to prevent drivers from moving into the area with explosives or other harmful devices.

Secret Service personnel have also been reviewing social media such as Twitter and Facebook to identify people who could pose a threat to security.