Black Lives Matter Protests Continue in a Boarded Up NYC


Thursday, June 4, 2020

By: APB Staff Reporter
New York City

Midtown Manhattan: Boarded up storefronts line the streets of Manhattan on Thursday morning, in the wake of several days of mass protests and civil unrest. Some businesses like Nike have employed armed guards to stand watch of their properties, while Saks Fifth Avenue had their flagship store wrapped in razor wire. Damages from the riots are reported to total tens of millions of dollars.

Governor Cuomo and Mayor Di Blasio issued a weeklong 8 PM curfew this past Monday, in an attempt to mitigate the escalated rioting and violence that has descended from the chaos of the protests. 180 arrests were made citywide on Wednesday, which went down from the 280 arrests made on Tuesday.

Black Lives Matter protests continue in cities all over the world, as protestors demand systemic reform in the wake of George Floyd.

Considered to be the worst ever civil unrest in the US in decades, the violent protests have engulfed at least 140 cities across America in the days following the death of Floyd.

This week, looters stormed into Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square, a retail space of over 2.5 million square feet and one of the largest retail stores in the world, and stole merchandise before they were chased down by the police.

Looters also broke into stores of other high-end brands such as Nike and Coach and vandalized a Barnes & Noble bookstore while destroying other smaller storefronts along the way.

Over 2,000 NYC protestors, including over 900 Monday and Tuesday alone, were arrested over the five days of demonstrations. The worst of the looting is likely over now that most business storefronts have been boarded up, and arrest numbers are expected to steadily decline as the NYPD continues to enforce curfew and close off target areas.