Hundreds attend NYC Times Square Rally in Solidarity with Israel

Wednesday May 12, 2021 – Times Square, New York City

By APB Staff:

APB News was at the red steps in NYC Times Square to listen to the passionate speakers addressing the hundreds of New Yorkers who gathered to support Israel during these tense times in the Middle East. The rally was put together by the Israel American Council, which organized similar demonstrations throughout North America. Just hours after the peaceful rally concluded, the IDF called up reservists as rockets continue to land in Israel The non-stop rocket attack barrage comes as the IDF prepares for a possible ground invasion into the Gaza Strip.

The military presented plans on Thursday to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli military is prepared to continue with its strikes on Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip for several days, sources tell APB News, and has called up 7,000 reservists as rocket attacks continue to land in central and southern Israel.

Hamas launched suicide drones loaded with explosives into Israel on Thursday. At least two exploded in the air over central Israel. The drone attacks were preceded by the firing of 20-30 long-range rockets directed at central Israel, including Tel Aviv, and as far south as Eilat. Four people were reported injured. In the heart of Times Square on Wednesday evening, the speakers called for peace and an end to the rocket attacks between Hamas and Jerusalem.

APB News spoke with Acting Israeli NY Consul General, Ambassador Israel Nizan about his thoughts on the violence and and the root of the issue.

Republican-Primary Mayoral candidate Fernando Mateo, offered his support for Israel to the crowd.

Rabbi Jacob Shmuel Boteach, founder of the World Values Network, was passionate and direct where the blame lies – claiming this was instigated by Hamas.

The NYPD was in full force and reported no issues or arrests.