NYPD Community Affairs Bureau Outreach Division Starts to Reopen the City

June 2021, Times Square, NYC

By APB Staff Writer

The NYPD Community Affairs Bureau Outreach Division hosted a celebration in New York’s Times Square to start the process of reopening New York . 

US Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) welcomed the crowd of more than 300 who gathered in Foley Square thanking everyone who has been vaccinated and encouraging everyone else to get their shot to help keep NY safe and to allow for a strong re-opening.

The festival included booths to learn more about health and safety precautions coming out of the dark days of the Covid pandemic and what everyone can do to protect each other and ourselves.  

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccinations were made available on site.
The event was capped off by a performance from the NYPD Latino musical group lead by Captain Alexander Cedillo and a very talented orchestra made up of NYC’s finest.

The day was organized by police officers Michelle Giglio, Akeya Willson and Nicholas Naglieri.