A Giant Ferris Wheel Is Now In Operation in NYC’s Times Square

August 24, 2021: Times Square, NYC:

By: APB Staff Writer

As New York City’s Times Square welcomes back tourists and Broadway gets ready to lift its curtains, another attraction is also preparing for its debut in the Crossroads of the World.

APB News was in Times Square on Tuesday to witness the final preparations of a gigantic Ferris Wheel completing its test runs right in the middle of Times Square allowing tourists and NYC locals to experience the City from a new vantage point next to the Theater District – soaring 110 feet – or 11 stories off the ground offering great views.

https://youtu.be/J_4SuSYB-uwGeneral admission tickets are $20 per person or $35 if you want to skip the line for the 12 minute ride. The ride concludes on September 12.