Hurricane Ida Strikes New York City and New Jersey Hard

Queens NY & Manville, NJ:  September 3, 2021

By APB Staff Writer

Hurricane IDA has come and gone but left behind strong indicators of what the future could bring.

As New York and surrounding areas have put their soiled furniture and pottery damaged by the storm out to the street for pick up, the death toll in the region now stands at 45 in New York and New Jersey.

At least 18 were killed in New York, including 13 in New York City alone, many who lived in basement apartments in Queens and Brooklyn. 

27 people in New Jersey have been confirmed dead after the storm, and 4 people remain missing in the state, according to the Governor .  At least a third of the people who were killed in New Jersey drowned in vehicles that were submerged and they could not escape the flash floodsAPB camera crews were on site to witness the deconstruction and devastation in both Queens, NY and in New Jersey.

New York State arranged federal reimbursements, and estimated the storm had caused more than $50 million in damage and impacted more than 1,200 homes.