NYPD Make Arrests at the 2021 Met Gala

While the glitz and glamour of costumes was on full display on the red carpet, as the return of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual gala, protestors clashed with NYPD Officers stationed outside the main tent on Fifth Avenue.

Police confirmed that a “handful” of arrests were made. Social media posts showed crowds gather outside The Met on the night of the iconic gala for a protest.

Police would not confirm if crowds outside the event were there in support of any specific group or message.  An officer on a megaphone can be heard telling the crowd they are being placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and a scuffle appears to break out.

The NYPD quickly brought in the Strategic Response Unit to add a layer to the already police presence.

The protesters: Fire them All, were demonstrating on Fifth Avenue until the police  spotted them and started to warn them to disperse.  There were tense moments when the cops yelled at the protesters and onlookers were becoming concerned about what could happen next.

All of this happened while the stars and celebs were walking the carpet for their global media just yards away.